March 21, 2019

We can help you face and deal with criminal charges

Have you ever looked up the long list of Michigan state statutes? How about the federal list? Prepare yourself for some heavy reading. There are many laws, statutes and regulations that aren’t to be broken. For those that are accused of doing so, criminal charges and their potential penalties can be daunting. It’s perfectly reasonable to build a quality criminal defense against such allegations.

One issue that affects many living in the Michigan area is DUI and drunk driving accusations. While at first glance this may appear to be nothing more than a moving violation, you shouldn’t be so sure. The state has cracked the whip on alleged DUI offenders in recent years. A DUI conviction could have huge impacts on your criminal record, bank account, license and others.

Building a criminal defense doesn’t always mean refuting allegations and charges that are made against you. It may even mean a plea deal for lesser penalties. A smart criminal defense takes in all the factors and helps the one accused of a crime portray their side of the story. Whatever the situation, it’s sure to be unique to you and the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime.

This is usually new territory, especially for those accused of DUI or even traffic tickets. The last thing a person wants is for this charge to impact them far into the future. While there are no guarantees, there are ways to help push a more favorable outcome for the accused. At Stacer PLC, we know how to guide our clients to a resolution that suits their best interests.