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At Stacer, PLC, we understand that your immigration needs are unique to you and your family. That is why our experienced law firm is ready to address your most urgent concerns today. Speak with an attorney by calling 734-453-7878(Local) or 888-814-5758

We take on all immigration-related cases in Michigan, United States and around the world, including:

  • Visas
  • Green cards
  • Citizenship
  • and naturalization


Protect Yourself When Criminal Charges Affect Immigration

Immigrants charged with a crime are vulnerable to deportation now more than ever due to recent legal reforms. At Stacer, PLC, we combine our knowledge of immigration law with our experience in criminal defense to provide you with effective immigration-focused representation throughout your criminal proceeding.
We are one of the few law firms in Michigan that has a comprehensive understanding of both sides of the law as it applies to your case. Despite what the authorities might say, you have rights in this process even if you are not a citizen — and Stacer, PLC, is here to secure those rights for you. Call 734-453-7878 or 888-814-5758 today to schedule a consultation. Se habla Español. Fala português.

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Immigration issues and criminal cases aren’t easy to successfully resolve on your own. Use our law firm to guide you through these sensitive and complex challenges.


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The attorneys of Stacer, PLC, have over two decades’ combined experience helping clients through difficult criminal cases. We pride ourselves on providing legal representation that is responsive to your needs in defending criminal charges involving felonies, misdemeanors and infractions, including:

  • Drug crimes
  • Federal crimes
  • Theft
  • Traffic tickets
  • Civil infraction

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