December 14, 2018

Why do hopeful immigrants seek out an immigration lawyer?

If you are hoping to become a U.S. citizen, your dream is not a rare one. There are lots of reasons that a person may want to become a resident of the United States. It could be because family and friends already live here. It could be to pursue a job opportunity. Whatever the reason, you have the right to seek residency here.

However, to become a permanent resident, one must complete the proper procedures and requirements. This could mean anything from paperwork, to taking tests to an in-person interview. There are many reasons that a hopeful U.S. resident may seek out the help of others during this process. One party that may be able to offer assistance is an immigration attorney.

One of the many things an immigration attorney can help with is the process of naturalization. However, many people have specific issues that have caused them confusion during the process of seeking citizenship. USCIS forms will ask if you have committed a crime, and thus, seeking answers related to your citizenship, crimes and immigration is only natural. Because laws vary here (both state and federal) in comparison to laws of your current country of residency, you may be unsure of how to answer this question.

Immigration law is one of the sectors of law that can be confusing, especially for those in which English isn’t their first spoken language. There could be questions pertaining to a person’s health, their previous deportation, denial of previous applications or other issues. Seeking citizenship is a right that anyone can leverage.