May 7, 2021

Who is eligible for a H-1B specialty occupation visa?

Coming to the United States to live and work is the dream of many. Some who aspire to move to Michigan may meet certain eligibility requirements because of their occupation and training that will allow them to apply for a specific type of visa. An H-1B visa is a specialty occupation visa that allows specific individuals to enter the country for job or research purposes.

Qualifications for this type of visa

Those who may qualify for an H-1B visa are those who perform certain types of services in certain occupations. This may include researchers, development project workers and more. There is also a type of H-1B visa for fashion models. This category of visa is an option for those whose jobs require the application of a highly specialized knowledge or skill. It also requires a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

Spouses and children of those who have obtained an H-1B visa may apply to enter the county along with their family member. The period of stay for an individual with this visa is three years. In some cases, an extension of an additional three years may be available.

Help from the beginning

Applying for any type of visa is complicated. Those seeking entrance into the United States or navigating any aspect of the immigration process will benefit from the assistance of an experienced Michigan attorney. With the right type of help, it may be possible to avoid certain setbacks and complications that may stand between a potential immigrant and his or her career goals.