Passports And Citizenship

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A passport is your key to traveling between countries. Whether you travel between countries for business, family or leisure, seeing the world can be a vital part life for you and your loved ones. Whether you were born in the United States or internationally, you will need specific documents to prove your citizenship, identity and background when applying for a passport.

If you have a U.S. birth certificate and school records, obtaining a passport might be an easy process, but for many people with international family backgrounds, the process may not be so simple.

How Citizenship Affects Your Passport

With more than 15 years of experience, Stacer, PLC, knows how to manage your needs effectively and efficiently in all matters of passports and citizenship. We understand that your case is unique and our experience with the law can help us identify your most pressing needs right away.

Many passport and citizenship cases center on the need for orderly and verifiable paperwork. Attorney Andrew Stacer is ready to put in the work to investigate your case and defend your rights in this process.

What Documents Do I Need?

In addition to your birth certificate, you can use the following documents to strengthen your case, including:

  • Delayed birth certificate
  • Medical bills and hospital records
  • Baptism certificate
  • Census records
  • School report cards
  • Parent’s marriage certificate and immigration records

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