Green Cards

Responsive Guidance For Green Cards

Obtaining a green card is the goal of many immigrants to the United States because it entitles you and your family to a number of rights and protections. Although the benefits of obtaining a green card, also known as permanent resident status, are substantial, going through the process to get one is not always easy.

The path you take to obtaining a green card will depend on your circumstances. Whether you are here illegally, on a temporary visa or out of status, Stacer, PLC, is prepared to guide you to gaining lawful permanent resident status. With more than 15 years of experience, attorney Andrew Stacer knows how the law can work to your benefit in obtaining permanent resident status.

How An Immigration Lawyer Helps

Green card cases are not often clear-cut. Even if you have taken every step correctly toward obtaining a green card, you may encounter long wait times and rigorous appeals. During this time you could lose your status or face other legal challenges to your stay in the U.S.

Stacer, PLC, understands how the law can work for you because we take the time to look back into your case. When we understand your story, our responsive attorneys can be better prepared to maximize your options in obtaining a green card.

Learn More With An Initial Consultation

It is our goal to ensure that your status is obtained in a way that is legal and timely so that the future for your family and your employment in the U.S. is secure. Learn more about your options to earning a green card with an initial consultation. Call 734-453-7878 in Michigan, 888-814-5758 toll free or send an email to schedule an appointment at our Plymouth office today.