Family Immigration

Family Visas: Protect Your Loved Ones

As an immigrant to the U.S., you have seen firsthand what it means to live in this dynamic and enterprising country. Now you wish to bring your family members here as well. At Stacer, PLC, we share your dream of reuniting your family. Our Michigan immigration attorney helps relatives of U.S. citizens and green card holders obtain lawful residency in the U.S. from start to finish, we provide efficient, results-oriented service.

If you want to bring a parent, child, brother or sister to the U.S., we would like to talk with you. Contact our firm for an initial consultation about our family visa services.

Even if your visa application has been rejected, you may still be able to attain your immigration goal. Stacer, PLC, can help you. Call 734-453-7878 or 888-814-5758 (toll-free) to schedule a consultation.

We Provide a Wide Range of Family Immigration Services

Stacer, PLC, provides services in family visa matters such as:

  • Green card applications for parents, children and siblings (I-130 petition and I-485 application)
  • Fiancée visas (K-1 visa)
  • Immigrant visas for spouses of U.S. citizens (IR1 or CR1)
  • Non immigrant visas for spouses (K-3 visa)
  • Consular processing for family members living abroad

How a Lawyer Can Help

Many people wanting to bring family members to the U.S. start out by trying to do it themselves. They quickly experience the frustrations of dealing with U.S. immigration forms, personnel and the confusing laws, regulations and requirements that make up the U.S. immigration system. Make a mistake or omission and your loved one’s visa application could be rejected, delayed or denied. If it is rejected or denied, you could still be eligible for this benefit, but you may have to pay the costly filing fee(s) all over again. This mistake in paying the filing fees twice may cost you just as much as hiring experienced immigration assistance. Whether your family member is living in the U.S. or abroad, there may be a way to obtain a visa for your loved one.

Stacer, PLC, has extensive experience in family immigration matters. Our firm understands the U.S. immigration system, its laws and its procedures. We are also highly creative in our approach. Attorney Andrew Stacer can review your options in a consultation. Then our firm will work diligently to help your family member achieve lawful residency in the U.S. as soon as possible.

Contact Our Attorney for Your Family Immigration Needs

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