Theft Crimes

Defending Theft Crimes

A theft crime is a serious matter because it puts your rights, your reputation and your freedom at risk. If convicted, even for a minor theft offense, you could face fines, restitution and even jail time. You will likely find it difficult to find a job, as employers are unlikely to hire someone with a theft conviction on their record.

As serious as the consequences are, there is hope. An experienced criminal defense attorney can mount an aggressive defense strategy on your behalf. In Plymouth, Michigan, Andrew Stacer at Stacer, PLC, has done so for many people accused of theft offenses.

He can provide you with skilled theft crime defense representation if you have been accused of:

  • Shoplifting
  • Auto theft
  • Credit card theft
  • Identity theft
  • Employee theft/embezzlement
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Any felony or misdemeanor theft charge

No matter how serious the charges, we can explore all viable defense strategies to help you achieve the best possible outcome. We will thoroughly scrutinize the evidence against you to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. We are committed to protecting your rights and your future in this serious criminal law matter.

Get Started Building A Strong Defense

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