When Do I Need to Contact an Immigration Lawyer ?

Criminal Charges Could Impact Your Immigration Status

If you are not a citizen, a criminal conviction can have serious consequences to your ability to remain in the U.S. or obtain legal status. If you are facing criminal charges and you are not a U.S. citizen, it is critical that you consult with a lawyer with a track record of success in both criminal defense and immigration representation.

The experienced immigration attorneys at Stacer, PLC specialize in helping individuals navigate the intersection of criminal and immigration law. From our law offices in Plymouth, we handle complex and urgent legal matters for clients throughout Michigan.

Personalized Legal Advice for Your Unique Immigration Situation

Whether you are a U.S. Citizen or not, criminal charges can have serious implications for your immigration status/opportunities.

If you are a citizen, a criminal conviction can make it difficult to obtain a visa or green card in the future. The consequences of a criminal conviction can be even more severe for non-citizens. Without the right legal representation, even minor offenses can result in detention and deportation.

The immigration attorneys at Stacer, PLC are dedicated to securing the most positive outcome possible for each and every one of our clients. If your case doesn’t result in an outright acquittal, we will develop an aggressive defense strategy to minimize the impact on your immigration status. Crimes may carry different possible penalties depending on their severity. Our knowledgeable immigration attorneys have the litigation experience necessary to negotiate with the prosecution and get your charges reduced.

Helping Non-Citizens Navigate Detainment and Deportation

Depending on the nature of your charges, you may be at risk of being detained or deported if you are not a U.S. citizen. Unfortunately, this can happen even if you haven’t been convicted of anything. If you have questions about detainment or deportation, contact our knowledgeable attorneys so we can help you determine if you are at risk of either. If you are, we will help you take proactive steps to help you avoid those terrible circumstances.

Deportation and detainment are not inevitable if you have been charged with a crime. Taking the following preventative steps can help safeguard you if you are facing criminal charges:

  1. Speak to an immigration lawyer before pleading guilty to any criminal charges. A conviction can have significant negative consequences to your immigration status, even if it is a minor offense.
  2. Maintain a valid immigration status whenever possible. If you are undocumented, take measures to gain legal status.
  3. If you end up facing deportation, give our team of immigration attorneys a call immediately. There may be options available to you, such as applying for asylum or cancellation of removal.
  4. Don’t give up hope. Even if law enforcement tries to convince you that your case is hopeless, we will advocate fiercely for you to ensure that your rights are protected to their fullest extent.

Skilled Advocacy for Individuals with a Broad Range of Immigration Concerns

At Stacer, PLC, our experienced immigration attorneys provide comprehensive counsel to people with a broad range of immigration concerns. Do you have questions about an immigration matter? Contact our office or call us at 734-453-7878 to discuss your situation.