April 29, 2022

What does the end of Title 42 mean for immigrant families?

The Biden Administration recently moved to end a restrictive immigration policy, an announcement that brought hope to many Michigan activists and immigration advocates. Title 42 was a health policy put in place to allow border officials the right to turn immigrants away over COVID-19 concerns. Activists believe Title 42 denied rightful due process, and revoking it could benefit immigrant families. 

Opposition and support for Title 42 

Title 42 was put into place by the prior presidential administration at a time when pandemic-related concerns were at their peak. Its intent was to prevent immigrants from countries where they were likely to be exposed to COVID-19 from entering the United States. However, activists state that it has likely been a deterrent for those seeking asylum for various reasons. 

In response to President Biden’s announcement that he intends to repeal Title 42, some states have filed lawsuits from stopping that from happening. Those who believe that Title 42 should stay in place believe that removing it could lead to an influx of illegal immigration. Others hope that the discussion over Title 42 could lead to immigration reform. 

Hope for families awaiting reunification 

Immigrant families in Michigan awaiting reunification may have questions regarding what the possible end of Title 42 could mean for them. It may be helpful for anyone with immigration-related concerns to seek the guidance and support of an experienced attorney. Legal counsel can be especially important when navigating family reunification matters or other complicated immigration matters.