September 3, 2020

What are the qualifications for an E-2 visa?

Foreign nationals who wish to live, work or participate in various business dealings in Michigan or elsewhere in the United States must obtain the proper documentation to do so. Those interested in investing in U.S. companies or establishing their own businesses here require E-2 visas. What are the qualifications for this type of visa?

According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, E-2 visas can only be obtained by individuals who hail from countries that are considered treaty countries. This means one of three things. First, it could mean their nations currently have the necessary commerce and navigation agreements in place. Second, it could mean that their home countries are considered treaty countries by legislation. Finally, third, it could mean that the United States has other qualifying agreements in place with their countries.

If the treaty requirement is met, then the individual wanting an E-2 visa needs to provide evidence that he or she has invested or intends to invest a significant amount of capital in a company. The company must be real, must be for-profit, and must meet local legal requirements. It is also necessary to show that the visa petitioner has at least 50% ownership of, or some level of operational control over, the enterprise.

An E-2 visa is not necessarily the easiest thing to get one’s hands on. An experienced immigration attorney can assist foreign nationals who are interested in investing in companies whether they are located in Michigan or elsewhere across the country file the appropriate application forms and supporting documentation. With help, one can make sure all the qualifications are met and ensure the petition is free from error before it is submitted for review.