March 7, 2019

What are the benefits of becoming a U.S. citizen?

For many, the American Dream is something that is a highly sought-after achievement. The United States is known as a place of opportunity, especially compared to many countries in which economic opportunities are not as readily available. The United States is also known as a nation of tolerance, promoting gender, sexual orientation and race equality. Beyond this, there are many other benefits to becoming a U.S. citizen.

Becoming an official U.S. citizen is different than being here illegally or on a temporary visa. Citizenship unlocks benefits that kick in immediately and in the long-run. Voting and holding public office are all rights that citizens have access to. Being issued a U.S. passport gives citizens the ability to travel and to receive government assistance when traveling as needed. Also, being issued a social security number allows a person to pay their wages into social security benefits and also grants a person access to more job opportunities.

However, just like any great achievement, citizenship also comes with responsibilities. For most, the benefits far outweigh the responsibilities expected of U.S. citizens, but it is certainly worth mentioning. Moving forward with the citizenship process can unlock access to benefits, as well as responsibilities. There are many reasons to want to achieve the status of a U.S. citizen through immigration law.

Most important to most people is the benefit that citizenship has in uniting families and getting children of naturalized parents citizenships too. Family is the most important thing, after all. Uniting a family in the U.S. can be a lot easier if a family member has citizenship.