December 14, 2020

TPS status extended for over 300,000 immigrants

Too many immigrants currently residing in Michigan and elsewhere across the country live in fear that they will be forced to leave on a moment’s notice. Thankfully, for many of those who are currently residing in the country on temporary protected status, that is a fear they can push down for the time being. It was just announced that TPS status has been extended for over 300,000 participants in the program.

According to a recently published report, individuals who are here from six specific countries on temporary status will have their status extended for a total of nine months. The countries specified in the extension order are Haiti, El Salvador, Sudan, Honduras, Nicaragua and Nepal. The reason for the extension has to do with the pending court decision regarding the ending of the TPS program.

While the individuals affected by this decision may want more time, it is better than nothing. It is nine more months for them to spend with the families they have created here. It is nine more months to look at other options that may allow them to remain in the United States even longer.

The TPS program has been around for a long time, and it has been extended several times. It has given immigrants benefitted by the program the ability to build lives and accomplish dreams that they may not have been able to otherwise. The future of the program is uncertain, but for now, hundreds of thousands of participants can rest easy knowing they have more time to apply for citizenship or status changes. Legal counsel can help Michigan residents currently in the TPS program by reviewing their cases, discussing their options and assisting them in applying for relief programs that will best benefit them.