June 25, 2020

Those wanting visas or green cards may have to wait

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs in the last few months, and few have been able to find new work. To help citizens of the United States get back on their feet, a freeze was placed on green cards and certain visas. According to a recent report, that freeze has been extended for the rest of 2020. What does this mean for immigrants currently residing in Michigan?

Thankfully, as far as visas go, this freeze will not affect those already living and working in the country. It will affect individuals who want to come to the United States on H-1B, J or L-1 visas. These visas are for those seeking employment as skilled workers, au pairs and managers. Immigrants who want to enter the country for agricultural work will still be allowed, as H-2A visas have been unaffected by this executive order.

As far as green cards go, a claim was made that this freeze will not affect immigrants already in the country, and it only applies to new card applications. So, current residents needing to renew their green cards should still be able to do so. Current residents who are in the early stages of applying for new green cards, however, may be left wondering if this freeze will actually apply to them. This is certainly a valid concern.

The suspension on green cards and certain visas is likely to cause immigrants already residing in Michigan to have some questions about how they may be affected. They can turn to legal counsel to have any of their questions answered. Further assistance may be provided to help one with any immigrant status issues.