January 6, 2022

Things are still difficult in 2022 for those seeking H-1B visas

Those seeking entry into the United States have always faced a complicated process as they seek to achieve their goals. However, immigration restrictions have made it particularly hard since the Trump Administration, and things could remain complex in 2022. President Biden’s agenda includes planned changes to immigration policies, but it remains to be seen whether meaningful changes will make a difference in this coming year for H-1B visa applicants.

Possible and proposed changes

As part of the Build Back Better bill, legislators hoped to offer relief to some undocumented individuals and families in the United States. It also planned to relieve the backlog of unused work visas, allowing deserving immigrant workers to enter the country. The holdup of this bill could continue to affect those who applied for and are awaiting approval for an H-1B visa.

President Biden also includes H-1B visa polices in his 2022 regulatory agenda. There are currently 1.5 million openings for computer occupations alone and improving the visa application process and easing the backlog could be beneficial for employers in Michigan and throughout the United States. Many deserving applicants are currently affected by unfair regulations and slow application processing.

Help at every step

Anyone applying for an H-1B visa or other type of visa will benefit from the help of an experienced immigration law attorney. With help, an applicant may have a stronger chance of avoiding setbacks and complications along the way. An assessment of the applicant’s goals and objectives will reveal the ideal type of visa and the most effective way to proceed with the next appropriate step.