June 18, 2020

The New Normal: Traffic Tickets and COVID-19

COVID-19 is changing the landscape for how many things are being done; from grocery shopping to eating out, and working from home. One might say, however, the biggest change has been for the legal field. Due to an order from the Supreme Court of Michigan, most, if not all, courts in Michigan are now scheduling virtual hearings for many types of cases, including traffic offenses.

Before the pandemic hit, your choices upon receiving a ticket included going to court to represent yourself, paying an attorney to go into court for you, or biting the bullet by paying the fee in lieu of contesting it.

If you have recently been issued a traffic ticket in Michigan, your first step should be to consult an attorney. Some tickets are classified as civil infractions. Other tickets are labeled as misdemeanors, which could entail jail time or points on your driving record, potentially resulting in the loss of your license and increased insurance rates.

Now, with COVID-19, all hearings are being held virtually. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are being used as “virtual courtrooms”, with every single person residing within a different location.

Attending court virtually is certainly a strange situation and does have both drawbacks and advantages. “Zooming” in court allows our firm to save you points and fight just as diligently on your behalf without ever having to step into an actual court. In addition to saving us time and energy, this process most importantly saves you $$$ in fines, costs, and attorney fees.

We have been handling matters for 20 years all over the Metro Detroit area and have extensive experience handling a variety of traffic offenses, misdemeanors, and civil infractions.

Call us today if you have recently received a traffic ticket and have questions. Mention this blog post and we will even take $100.00 off our regular fee! ( This is good for tickets issued through July 31, 2020).