December 7, 2021

The emergent need for immigration law reform

Entering the United States through the appropriate legal channels can be a frustrating and complicated process, even for those with valid visas and completed paperwork. Immigration law reform has been a primary topic of concern for both major parties for years, yet little has been done to ease the strain caused by a backlog of applications and complex, out-of-date immigration laws. Reform is needed soon as the lack of new immigrants could have a significant impact on the economy in Michigan and the United States.

The potential economic impact

Immigrant workers are essential to the United States economy. While many businesses struggle to find willing workers, there were 1.3 million employment authorization applications pending before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services this summer. Because of an aging workforce and complications related to the pandemic, the need for immigrant workers is critical.

Advocates for immigration reform say that faster processing capabilities could make it easier to connect deserving workers with open job needs. Lawmakers have yet to pass any meaningful legislation that could ease the backlog or simplify the immigration process. A bill currently being debated by lawmakers could provide relief for those seeking certain visas or waiting for approval for employment.

What can applicants do?

Immigration applicants waiting for the laws to change can do little to speed immigration reform along. However, they can take steps to protect their rights and interests at every step. By working with an experienced immigration law attorney, they can pursue a beneficial outcome to their case. Securing legal guidance will also lower the chance of complications and issues that could delay their case.