June 26, 2024

Steps to Get a Green Card in Michigan

Whether you want to permanently immigrate to the United States from another country or have an existing visa and want permanent residency status, getting a green card takes a lot of work. The best step you can take to make this process as quick and easy as possible is to work with a capable immigration lawyer. They can guide you through the steps to apply for a green card and handle any complications during the process.

How to Apply for a Green Card in Michigan

There are two methods to apply for a green card in Michigan, and the one you need depends on whether you currently live outside the U.S. or are already in the country with a valid visa. Consular processing is for those outside the U.S. who want a green card, while prospective immigrants who are already here must go through the adjustment of status process. Here’s an overview of the steps in each process:

Consular Processing

  1. Determine Eligibility – First, figure out whether you fit into one of the eligible categories for a green card.
  2. File an Immigrant Petition – Depending on your eligibility category, either you, a relative, or an employer may need to file an immigrant petition.
  3. Wait for Decision – After filing your petition, wait for a decision from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). If USCIS approves your petition, it moves to the National Visa Center until a visa number is available.
  4. Prepare for Interview – Once a visa is available, the National Visa Center will collect the necessary documents and fees, and schedule an interview for you at your local U.S. consulate.
  5. Attend the Interview – Go to the consulate for your interview to determine if you qualify for an immigrant visa.
  6. After Approval – If USCIS approves your visa application, you must pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee. Once you reach the U.S., you’ll submit your visa packet at the port of entry to gain entry as a permanent resident.
  7. Receive Your Green Card – Finally, the government will mail your green card to you after you arrive in the U.S.

Adjustment of Status

  1. Determine Eligibility – Check if you meet the eligibility requirements to adjust your status.
  2. File an Immigrant Petition – You, or someone doing so on your behalf, will need to file an immigrant petition unless your category does not require one.
  3. Check Visa Availability – Ensure a visa is available in your category before proceeding.
  4. File Form I-485 – Submit the Form I-485 to apply for lawful permanent resident status.
  5. Attend Biometrics Appointment – Attend an appointment at a local Application Support Center to provide fingerprints and other biometric data.
  6. Attend Interview – If required, you may need to attend an interview at a USCIS office.
  7. Respond to Additional Requests – Supply any additional information or documents if USCIS requests them.
  8. Receive a Decision USCIS will inform you whether your application was approved or denied.

How Our Immigration Attorney Can Help

Applying for a green card requires you to complete complicated paperwork, jump through multiple legal hoops, and overcome other hurdles like interviews with government officials. The team at Stacer PLC can guide you through this process, using our knowledge and experience to make things as easy as possible for you. We can help you determine your eligibility criteria, help you prepare for any interviews you must attend, and handle all the complex forms. We know you have waited a long time to get a green card, so call us today or complete our contact form for a consultation.