August 11, 2021

Possible changes for those seeking green cards

Individuals who come to the United States to live and work have to seek both legal resident status and a Social Security number. Both of these things are necessary in order to secure employment, enroll in certain programs and have access to certain benefits. Previously, it has been necessary to secure green cards, then take steps to get a Social Security number. New changes mean that it could be possible for Michigan immigrants to secure both of these things at the same time. 

What’s next for immigrants? 

Immigrants often face challenges and complications that make it difficult to get a green card and the ability to live and work in the U.S. legally. Getting a green card has often been a complex process, and once that is complete, those with permanent legal status have to go through the confusing process of getting an SSN. The Biden Administration just announced changes that will combine these two steps. 

Thanks to a partnership between the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Social Security Administration, immigrants can get a green card and an SSN simultaneously. They can now apply for both in their application for a change in status. This will hopefully cut down on paperwork and streamline the immigration process for lawful permanent residents. 

Help for immigration applicants 

There is significant benefit for immigration applicants to working with an experienced Michigan immigration law attorney. This guidance can help one understand with how to proceed with confidence. It may also reduce the chance of complications, setbacks and other complications that can stand between an immigration applicant and his or her goals.