November 19, 2021

Positive changes to immigration laws look unlikely

With the passage of the reconciliation bill brought, individuals in Michigan hopeful for reform of certain immigration regulations could be left disappointed. Many of the promised and proposed fixes that would bring positive changes to immigration law likely will not happen if the bill is enacted into law. There are many reasons that these promises will be unfulfilled, and immigrants and families must continue to navigate challenges presented by laws and regulations that many believe are cumbersome and unfair. 

Is there a reason to hope? 

One reason efforts were made to include some immigration reform matters in the reconciliation bill is that it would bypass the need for multi-party support. Despite this, some proposals cannot pass via budget reconciliation measures as determined by Senate leaders. For something to pass this way, there must be evidence that the issue has more than an incidental impact on budget.  

However, there is reason to hope. The Democrats have turned to their Plan C, which would give undocumented immigrants temporary protection. It would also allow the government to recover unused green cards. These measures, if passed in the bill, would provide benefits to untold numbers of deserving immigrants and their families. 

Options and rights 

When navigating the immigration process, it will be beneficial for individuals to seek the guidance of an experienced Michigan immigration law attorney. Despite changes to immigration laws, it is prudent to have knowledgeable guidance at every step. To learn about one’s rights and options in the pursuit of a specific goal, an assessment of the individual situation can be useful.