February 21, 2019

Organizations working on behalf of undocumented students

With the highly publicized and polarized issue of immigration status, there are people on both sides of the issue. There are many people living in our community who are undocumented. Despite legislation that calls for deportation of undocumented residents, there are organizations working on behalf of those who have be targeted in these deportation attempts. Undocumented University of Michigan students have been sought out as a group who could use help.

There have been several raids over the last decade in which undocumented residents were rounded up and deported. Under the Trump administration, there have been more workplace raids than in previous years. Organizations like University of Michigan welcomes applications for student admission regardless of immigration status, according to their website. Many undocumented have expressed fear about using medical care and social services that interact with the government – either state or federal.

Inquiring about immigration or citizenship status is something that is sensitive. The U of M and Washetanaw county and expressed their support for local immigrant communities. They only request status of immigration status if issues of security threat, warrant or felony. All other issues there is a privacy given, as a general rule of thumb.

There is support available for those who are undocumented. However, the real goal for these groups is to become a citizen. Getting citizenship status would prevent any further worries about deportation. That’s the end goal of all of this and can be sought through immigration law. Seeking the assistance of a qualified attorney is of great help to those facing this situation.