October 2, 2018

Michigan eliminates driver responsibility fees

There is now one less thing that Michigan drivers need to worry about in connection to traffic tickets. This is due to the recent elimination of driver responsibility fees in the state.

These were special fees that drivers could sometimes face in relation to traffic violations. They were instituted back in 2003.

These fees had the potential to majorly impact a person’s life. For one, they could be a significant financial burden, as they could expose drivers to costs of over $1,000 a year.

Also, under some circumstances, they could engager a person’s ability to drive. This is because failing to pay these fees could trigger a license suspension.

As of the start of October, these fees are now eliminated in Michigan. In addition to driver responsibility fees no longer being issued, amounts that drivers still owed have been forgiven and will no longer be collected. Those whose driver responsibility debt has been eliminated who had their license suspended are now eligible to get their license reinstated, assuming they have no other standing reason for the suspension. Until the end of this year, the license reinstatement is waived for such individuals.

Now, while there are no longer driver responsibility fees in the state, this does not mean that Michigan traffic violations are suddenly an inconsequential thing to be accused of. There remain many consequences people can face in connection to traffic tickets, including driver points, fines and insurance rate increases. So, when individuals are ticketed here in Michigan, it can be critical for them to get skilled guidance on what their options are for protecting their interests in light of the allegations they are facing.