June 15, 2022

Managing your nerves before an immigration interview

If you’re applying for a Green card in the United States, then there are several steps you have to take. On top of filling out all of the forms and providing the correct documentation, you are going to have to attend an immigration interview.

Any interview situation can be nerve-racking, but the stakes of an immigration interview are higher than most. Outlined below are a few tips that could help you to manage your nerves a little better.

Familiarize yourself with the location

There are few things that add more to stress levels than running late and entering new surroundings. Why not do a practice run to your interview location the day before? You may even be able to have a quick look around the building so that it’s less daunting on the actual day. Doing this will allow you to plan what time to set off, including factoring in any possible delays such as traffic. You’ll also feel more familiar with the environment, and you might even get to talk to some of the same staff on both days.

Have a practice run

While you cannot know exactly what immigration officers will ask you, there are generally some clues. They will be attempting to uncover whether you are of good moral character and whether your familial relationships are sincere. They will most likely also inquire as to your intentions, education and previous qualifications. Why not have a practice run with a family member or close friend? This will help the answers come more naturally to you on the day.

With a strong application and experienced guidance on your side, you could be living in the United States in no time. If you run into any issues with your application, make sure you explore your legal options in further detail.