March 3, 2022

Limit reached for certain types of visas in 2022

Individuals hoping to gain permission to enter the United States must first select the appropriate type of visa. There are strict limits to how many visas are available in different categories, including H1-B visas. This visa type is reserved for those seeking to work in Michigan and other states in specific fields, including special occupations that require expertise and specific knowledge.

The right visa for foreign workers

The H1-B visa is the most sought-after visa for foreign workers. Many American employers depend on these highly skilled individuals to fille certain critical roles in technology companies and other types of businesses. Many H1-B applicants are from India and China, and American employers hire tens of thousands of H1-B visa holders each year.

According to current U.S. immigration laws, there are a limited number of these visas available each year. There are 65,000 regular H-1B visas available and another 20,000 H-1B visas available in advanced degree exemption categories. Unfortunately, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services recently announced that enough petitions have already been received to meet the limit of H1-B visas available in 2022.

Options for immigrants

Those seeking to apply for an H-1B visa may not be successful this year, but there could be other options available to them. It may be helpful to seek the counsel of an experienced Michigan immigration law attorney to explore the other potential options they may want to pursue. With the right guidance, it may be possible to avoid some of the frustration and complications that can come with certain immigration matters.