January 21, 2022

Labor shortages could be eased by fewer immigration restrictions

The path to gaining entry to the United States can be challenging, including for those hoping to come to Michigan for work purposes. Employers across the country are scrambling to fill employment vacancies, and despite the demand for skilled workers, immigration restrictions continue to keep deserving individuals from coming into the country to meet these needs. Experts say that reforming certain immigration laws could ease the labor shortages, benefiting American employers.

More immigrant workers needed

Due to restrictions put in place by the previous administration and a slowdown in application processing during the pandemic, many deserving immigrant workers are still waiting for approval. Despite the clear shortage of workers, immigration reform continues to be a hot-button issue for lawmakers. Some lawmakers believe that immigration increases could come at the expense of American workers, but experts disagree.

Allowing more workers to enter the United States could ease the burden caused by an aging workforce. Other workers affected by job changes and pandemic-related concerns have quit the workforce completely. Legal immigration could be an effective way to address labor concerns and promote a healthy economy.

Guidance for immigrant workers

Immigrant workers wanting to come to the United States could face various challenges as they seek to enter the country and secure work. Those hoping to live and work in Michigan may benefit from the guidance of an experienced attorney as they navigate the immigration process. Before applying or making any important decisions related to an immigration application, it may help to seek an assessment of the individual case and understanding of the legal options available.