June 18, 2021

It’s important to fight a drunk driving charge the right way

Facing criminal charges is a serious potential threat to one’s future, no matter the nature of the specific crime. Drunk driving charges in Michigan can have an irreparable effect on a driver’s life, impacting his or her future opportunities, personal freedom and much more. It is prudent to fight a drunk driving charge and to do it with a thoughtfully prepared defense strategy custom-tailored to the needs of the accused and details of the individual situation.

Challenging the prosecution’s case

Identifying the right way to challenge drunk driving charges starts by looking carefully at the details of the case. After determining the most appropriate way forward, one can then develop a strategy based on specific goals. Some of the following could help identify problems with the prosecution’s case:

  • Was there sufficient probable cause to conduct an arrest?
  • Did the defendant receive information about his or her rights?
  • Did law enforcement conduct sobriety tests properly?
  • Are the results of any blood alcohol content tests admissible in court?

The goal for any OWI or OWVI defense is a dismissal of all charges. If this is not possible, it’s still possible to pursue an outcome with less severe potential penalties. An assessment of the case can help one understand the best possible outcomes in his or her situation.

Quick action is important

The best drunk driving defense is custom-tailored to the details of the individual case. Any Michigan driver facing these accusations would be wise to take quick action to prepare his or her defense strategy. A prompt response can make a significant difference in the final outcome of the case.