December 24, 2021

Immigration issues could be curbing U.S. economic growth

In many areas, the economy in Michigan and the United States depends on immigrant workers to fill critical roles and meet certain types of job needs. Unfortunately, immigration issues, such as a backlog of visa applications and current restrictions, has led to a significant slowdown in the number of people entering the country. As a result, the economy is suffering, and key jobs remain unfilled. 

Open jobs and economic needs 

Estimates suggest that employers are struggling to fill approximately 11 million jobs across the country. In many industries, these roles are typically filled by immigrant workers. These individuals play a critical role in keeping the economy moving forward. There are as many as one million fewer immigrant workers currently in the United States. The pandemic and leftover policies from the prior presidential administration could be contributing to this. 

There are some who suggest the slowdown in the number of immigrants entering the country could be contributing to everything from supply chain issues to rising prices. The food service industry and health care are particularly impacted by the lack of immigrant workers available to take certain roles. Many individuals hopeful to gain entry to the country are experiencing frustration due to a backlog in application processing and other issues. 

Help for deserving applicants 

Those hoping to enter the United States will benefit from legal guidance from an experienced Michigan immigration law attorney. The process is particularly frustrating and complex at the moment, and having assistance may reduce complications and setbacks. Someone applying for a visa or addressing another type of immigration concern may find it helpful to start with an assessment of his or her case.