September 22, 2021

Immigration activist avoids deportation

When someone in Michigan who is not a citizen of the United States is facing the threat of removal, it can be stressful for that individual as well as his or her family. One immigration rights activist was in that position until the Department of Homeland Security changed its stance on her case, agreeing to drop it altogether. The woman has been in the United States for decades, and her original visa expired in 1996.

A halt in deportation proceedings

An immigration judge recently agreed to drop her case amid the Biden Administration’s effort to overhaul some immigration processes. She claims the Trump Administration originally targeted her for deportation in 2017 as a result of her efforts to advocate for those facing immigration law concerns, specifically those currently detained. She first came to the attention of authorities after speaking frankly about her current status in an interview.

ICE denied targeting her for deportation for any specific reason other than her expired visa. Since the inauguration of President Biden, the Department of Homeland Security has adjusted some of its policies and procedures. The organization is now focusing on individuals who pose a safety risk, which does not include this woman.

Navigating immigration cases

Immigration laws are complex and confusing. For someone in Michigan who is facing the threat of deportation or another related concern, it can be helpful to work with an experienced legal ally who can provide knowledgeable guidance regarding his or her options. An assessment of the individual case can provide insight regarding the best way forward.