July 24, 2020

Facing deportation? Removal may be avoidable

People from other countries come to the United States for many reasons. Some follow family, some come for jobs and many come seeking a better life — among other things. No matter what brings them here, and regardless of how they enter the country, the fear of being deported is something that is always in the back of their minds — even when they are doing everything right. If that fear becomes a reality, and one is summoned to a deportation hearing, all hope is not lost. Immigrants currently residing in Michigan still have several legal options available to them that may allow them to avoid removal.

Immigrants can be deported for a variety of reasons. Regardless of why one is facing removal, there are administrative and discretionary relief options available to help fight deportation or at least gain the right to reenter the country at a later date. These relief options include:

  • Status adjustment
  • Asylum
  • Cancellation of removal
  • Appeal
  • Voluntary departure

Discretionary relief may be applied for during removal proceedings. Legal counsel can help determine which form of discretionary relief may be appropriate for one’s situation and assist with the application process. Administrative relief, which refers to the appealing of a deportation order, has to be done after removal proceedings have been completed. There is only a limited window of time to submit an appeal — typically 30 days — so filing the necessary documentation as soon as possible is wise.

There are no guarantees that one’s request for relief will be granted, but that doesn’t mean applying is a waste of time. If wanting to stay in the country, seeking relief is worth the effort. Immigrants in Michigan who are facing deportation do not have to go through removal proceedings or apply for relief alone. An experienced immigration law attorney can be at one’s side, helping one do everything possible to fight for the right to remain in the United States.