December 28, 2020

Errors will delay or result in denial of immigration application

United States laws concerning immigration are confusing at best. Any errors with an immigration application or payment will result in delay or, possibly, denial of one’s application. Here are a few tips for Michigan residents who are preparing to work on their immigration applications.

  • Read: The immigration application form has a lot to it. Read and follow all the included instructions.
  • Be honest: It may be tempting to lie or omit certain information on the application. Don’t. Legal counsel can help you address any issues you may be concerned about divulging in your application.
  • Check and check again: Look over the application more than once to make sure it is filled out correctly. Check to make sure all documents are signed. Check the fee amount and make sure the proper amount is included with the application. Check the address on the package before it is placed in the mail.
  • Think about timing: It is best to file before one’s current immigration status expires. One may seek an extension, but the earlier one files, the better.
  • Make copies: Before sending in the completed application, make copies. Be sure to copy the application, any supporting documentation and proof of payment.

No one wants to jeopardize their ability to remain in the country due to an error, whether big or small, on the immigration application. Thankfully, Michigan residents have the right to seek assistance with their application. An experienced immigration law attorney will walk one through the application process, ensure everything is filled out correctly and signed, and make sure all necessary information is in order before the final petition is put in the mail. If one’s application fails to receive approval, one’s attorney may help one appeal the decision.