April 1, 2021

Don’t pay to sign up for the Biden amnesty program

In previous posts, this column has addressed various immigration scams that have been seen in the state of Michigan and elsewhere. Well, these scams never go away; they just change over time. According to reports, there is a new one in town. It is called Biden amnesty, and it has cost several immigrants thousands of dollars. 

When did this start? 

President Biden has promised immigration reform and is working on changes he believes are appropriate. Several executive actions have been signed to address some immigration issues. It was likely after the signing of these actions that the Biden amnesty immigration scam was born.  

What is it? 

Immigration experts say that scammers are asking immigrants to pay them $5,000 to sign up for Biden amnesty. The promise is that by signing up for this program, they will be allowed to remain in the country. The problem is, as previously stated, there is no such program, so the victims end up paying out thousands of dollars and receive zero protection in return. 

Be careful 

The saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” applies to everything in life, including immigration issues. People promising amnesty for money most likely are not really trying to help. Who immigrants residing in Michigan turn to for assistance addressing their immigration issues matters. This is an area of law that is complex and confusing, so do not trust just anyone. Save time and money by avoiding scams and turning to an experienced immigration attorney who can really help one’s situation.