October 22, 2021

Democrats keep pushing for amnesty for some illegal immigrants

The Biden Administration and Democrats continue to look for ways to include immigration reform as part of a pending reconciliation bill. Democrats have been looking for ways to include amnesty for some illegal immigrants in Michigan and other parts of the country as part of the bill, but they have been unsuccessful up until this point. However, a recently proposed “Plan C” could succeed, providing millions with the opportunity to obtain legal status.  

What does Plan C include? 

Plan C includes an effort to grant amnesty to about eight million of approximately 11 million illegal immigrants. Initial efforts to include immigration reform have not been successful with some Senate leaders with claims that it was not prudent to include it in a reconciliation bill. However, there is confirmation of a continued effort. Democrats would seek expanded parole power in order to give legal status to millions. 

If Plan C is successful, millions would not only gain legal status for a period of five years, they would also have new and expanded employment opportunities available to them. Some may even be eligible for health care coverage. In order to qualify for amnesty, immigrants would have to meet certain requirements.  

Discover options now 

It can be a complex and lengthy process to secure legal status. Any individual in Michigan seeking a change in status may benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney about his or her options. Regardless of whether Plan C passes as part of the reconciliation bill, it will still be prudent for one to understand how to move forward with pursuing specific immigration goals.