February 17, 2022

Defending against criminal charges as an immigrant

For an immigrant living in Michigan, facing allegations of criminal activity involves much more than the possible penalties associated with a conviction. Criminal charges of any kind could impact a person’s immigration status, and it is important to take these situations seriously. These cases may be complex because they involve both immigration and criminal defense law. With the right help, one may be able to confront criminal allegations and fight to remain in the country.

After an arrest

After an arrest, law enforcement may contact immigration authorities. What happens next depends on the details of the specific case. For example, an illegal immigrant could face deportation proceedings. An individual who has applied for citizenship or a specific type of visa may be denied. An arrest may make one ineligible for an extension on his or her time in the United States.

Even if an immigrant is not convicted of a crime, immigration authorities could still move to pursue deportation. Regardless of status, this individual still has certain rights under the law. He or she has the right to fight the criminal case, as well as pursue a beneficial outcome to immigration concerns.

Experienced help is key

When facing criminal charges and immigration problems at the same time, experienced guidance is key. An individual will benefit from working with a Michigan attorney who can assist with all aspects of the case, as well as the protection of the defendant’s rights. An assessment of the individual case can help one identify the best path forward.