May 27, 2020

Criminal defense addresses arrest for numerous offenses

Often police investigation involves multiple agencies working together. This may be especially true if law enforcement is dealing with a string of crimes they believe may be connected. Anyone facing multiple charges may benefit from a strong criminal defense strategy. A recent arrest by Michigan authorities may be a prime example of this.

A Boost Mobile store clerk called police to report an armed robbery on a recent Tuesday. She described two men who allegedly entered the store with a handgun, locked her in the employee bathroom and robbed her. The two then reportedly took money from the cash register and some cellphones before driving away from the scene.

Police responded to the site of the robbery within minutes and obtained a description of the car the suspects allegedly used to escape. This information provided investigators with the name and address of the vehicle owner, which they turned over to the U.S. Marshals Service. U.S. Marshals located and arrested the 22-year-old man and brought him back to the local jurisdiction for questioning. Police say the man confessed to the robbery during their interrogation.

Investigators believe the man in custody and the second man, who is still at large, are connected with three earlier Boost Mobile robberies in other Michigan counties, so they may be facing additional charges. A conviction for robbery with a weapon can lead to severe penalties, and multiple charges may enhance those penalties. An aggressive criminal defense may result in the most positive outcome possible for the circumstances.