August 27, 2021

Businesses push for changes to immigration law

The current immigration system often leaves individuals, families and certain types of professionals frustrated as they attempt to navigate application processes. Allowing immigrants into the country is seen by many as a necessary step for the American economy to succeed. This is why many business leaders of all political sides are pushing for changes to current immigration laws. As part of a budget reconciliation package, these leaders are pressing Congress for an easier path to citizenship. 

Requested changes 

Business leaders are requesting that Congress implement an easier path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. By doing this, immigrants will find it faster and easier to enter the workforce. In Michigan and beyond, labor shortages are impacting the economy while there are many individuals who are ready and willing to work upon receiving citizenship.  

Democrats specifically hope to create easier path to citizenship for specific types of workers. These include farmworkers, essential workers and those who were brought to the United States as children. Congress is expected to consider the bill, including these measures, sometime this week. 

Help for immigrants 

Immigration is a complex and often frustrating process for those who wish to become citizens of the United States or gain permission to live and work in the country. There is reason to hope that reforms could soon make this process easier, but individuals will still find it beneficial to work with an experienced Michigan immigration attorney at every step. Anyone facing a complex immigration law concern may find it helpful to begin with an assessment of his or her case and explanation of available legal options.