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Criminal Defense

What’s at stake if charged with drunk driving?

If the police issue you with a drunk driving charge, it is crucial to understand the full consequences you could face. Many people only look at the immediate effects, failing to realize just how long a conviction could affect them. Here are some things to consider:...

Who can have a concealed carry license in Texas?

Violating weapons laws in Texas can result in serious penalties if convicted. A defendant could face time behind bars and other penalties, even for simply carrying a weapon on his or her person. In order to carry certain types of guns, one must have a valid concealed...

The New Normal: Traffic Tickets and COVID-19

COVID-19 is changing the landscape for how many things are being done; from grocery shopping to eating out, and working from home. One might say, however, the biggest change has been for the legal field. Due to an order from the Supreme Court of Michigan, most, if not...