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Month: June 2022

When can my U.S green card be revoked?

The U.S green card comes with several privileges, among them being the right to legally live and work in the country. However, it is important to understand the privileges and limitations that come with being a green card holder. If you are a foreign national with a...

What’s at stake if charged with drunk driving?

If the police issue you with a drunk driving charge, it is crucial to understand the full consequences you could face. Many people only look at the immediate effects, failing to realize just how long a conviction could affect them. Here are some things to consider:...

Can I travel freely if I get a green card?

Maybe you are thinking about living and working in the United States. You may know others that have done just that by securing a green card. Yet, if you still want to spend time in your home country, it might not work out. Here is why: A green card is a permanent...