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Who is subject to deportation and when?

The topic of deportation has been one in the news frequently. Deportation isn't an issue that would affect a U.S. citizen but it can happen to those who are visiting the country, legally or illegally. The process of deportation occurs when the federal government formally removes a non-citizen from the United States. This could happen if the person is accused or convicted of a number of immigration or criminal laws.

Once deported, it's possible that a non-citizen may lose the right to ever return to the United States, even as a visitor. Thousands of people visit the United States every year, some legally and some illegally. If found to be here undocumented and illegally, the federal government of the United States could have a person deported based on the premise that one is residing illegally without documentation.

However, a person with an approved visa or other temporary stay visa could be deported. This would typically occur if the person had been accused or convicted of a crime. There are many other reasons the federal government may decide to deport a person. If a person commits marriage fraud to gain citizenship, aided an undocumented individual in gaining entry into the country and engaging in unlawful voting are all reasons that a person could be deported.

If a deportation case has been opened against you or someone you know, it might not be too late. It's possible to refute the deportation case against you. Oftentimes, this is best handled by refuting the immigration or criminal charges against the accused with a criminal defense strategy. The punishment in these cases is often swift deportation if convicted.

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