May 15, 2020

Birthday arrest for drunk driving ends the celebrating

As adults, many people celebrate birthdays differently from the way they do as children. Birthdays are often times to look back on past accomplishments, set goals for the coming years and raise a glass or two with friends. For one Michigan man, however, a birthday ended with a drunk driving arrest and other serious charges.

Police responded to reports of a possible drunk driver in a Porsche, and they quickly located a vehicle fitting the description. However, the driver allegedly refused to stop and led police on a brief chase through the township. Additional police units joined the pursuit, including state police and officers from a neighboring township. When the pursuit ended, officers arrested the driver, whose birthday was that day.

The man now faces numerous charges related to the chase, including fleeing and eluding, which are felonies, and resisting arrest. He is also looking at his third offense operating a vehicle while intoxicated, which is also a felony charge. Records show that the man was released from prison less than a year before after a conviction for aggravated domestic violence.

A felony OWI conviction can mean extensive jail time, considerable fines and other penalties. Additionally, a felony may prohibit one from obtaining certain professional certifications, such as teaching, and it may result in the loss of certain rights. Those in Michigan who already have criminal records may have a more difficult time fighting new drunk driving charges and may benefit from the representation of an experienced attorney.