April 6, 2022

Backlog of immigration cases could speed up soon

Those navigating the complex and frustrating process of securing permission to enter the United States to live in Michigan have likely experienced delays in their application processing. Due to pandemic-related slowdowns and lower employment rates in many immigration offices, there is a significant backlog of immigration cases to be addressed. Thankfully, recent measures from the Biden Administration could ease this backlog and speed up the process for many applicants.

Millions of backlogged cases

At this point, estimates suggest there are as many as 9.5 million immigration applications waiting to be processed. The backlog is so significant that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is currently unable to make a meaningful difference in this number. The recently proposed measures will expand the number of visa applicants who can pay additional fees to speed up the processing of their application.

This measure could specifically benefit those waiting on employment-based visa applications. If passed, these improvements and new opportunities would be gradually increased over time. Those seeking temporary immigration status or work permits may be able to pay an additional $2,500 for their applicant to be processed within 45 days.

Navigating a complex system

These proposed changes could benefit many individuals hoping to live and work in Michigan. However, the immigration backlog is still significant, and processing times will likely remain a frustration for months or years. In the meantime, those seeking visas or facing other types of immigration concerns will benefit from the assistance of an experienced immigration law attorney.