February 4, 2022

American workers did not benefit from fewer immigrants

Because of the pandemic, changes in immigration laws and a backlog in visa application processing, there have been fewer immigrants coming to Michigan for work purposes. Those who are against immigration have stated that fewer people coming into the country to work will benefit American workers as this will provide them with more job opportunities. A close look at labor shortages and the economy found that this has not been the case. 

More jobs, more labor needs 

Immigrants play a valuable role in the American economy. There are specific visas available to individuals with special skills and experience, and these roles may go unfilled as qualified applicants are facing hurdles with regulations and other setbacks. Worker shortages across many different industries have led to fewer groceries on shelves, supply shortages, shorter hours for businesses and other issues. 

Recent research found that American workers fared better in markets where there were more foreign workers. The conclusion was that increases in certain types of visas do not negatively impact citizens also searching for employment. Bringing in important and qualified individuals to live and work in the United States has not led to job competition for citizens. 

Getting the right type of employment visa 

Securing an employment visa can be a challenging process. An applicant hoping to live and work in Michigan will benefit from the assistance of an experienced attorney at every step of the application process. While it is particularly challenging to navigate the U.S. immigration process at this time, it is possible for one to accomplish his or her goals with the right assistance and support.