Sponsoring Grandchildren For U.S. Citizenship

Can a grandparent sponsor a grandchild for U.S. citizenship? Yes, under certain circumstances.

If the child's parent is a U.S. citizen but did not live in the U.S. for a long enough time before the child's birth, the grandchild may obtain citizenship through the grandparent if:

  • The child is under the age of 18
  • The child has at least one parent who is a U.S. citizen by birth or naturalization (including an adoptive parent)
  • The U.S. citizen parent has custody of the child
  • The grandparent lived in the U.S. for at least five years (at least two of which were after the age of 14)

In order to gain citizenship, the child must lawfully enter the United States and maintain lawful status until the application is approved.

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