November 4, 2022

3 ways to get a green card

The United States offers people many opportunities that other countries can’t provide. Because of this, people are flocking to the states, but only so many immigrants are able to gain entry past the borders. 

While many people are getting temporary visas to get a taste of American life, others are looking for full residency. Immigrants who want to stay in the states and gain citizenship need to get their green cards. There are a few ways immigrants can earn their green card.

Here’s what you should know:

1. Reach out to immediate family

Maybe you have family in the United States. They could have worked to get their citizenship or maybe they were born in the states.  If your immediate family has citizenship, they may be able to help you earn your green card. 

2. Marry a U.S. citizen

Having immediate relatives in the states is one of two ways families can help earn the right to a green card. The other way is marrying someone who’s a lawful U.S. resident. A genuine marriage, without the intent of just immigrating, could result in getting a green card.

3. Work or study in the states

You may have to find an alternative to getting a green card if you don’t have immediate family with legal residency in the states. You could try finding work or studying in the states. With the right steps, you may be able to get a visa and work your way up to a green card.

Earning citizenship in the United States can be tricky. You may need to know your legal options when planning for your future.